Emergency preparation plans have been put into action in the Smithsonian, the MoMA and the Met, as Hurricane Sandy was approaching. On Monday, all Smithsonian Institute’s museums in Washington, DC and New York were closed. New York’s Met cancelled the press preview for the exhibition “Extravagant Inventions: the Princely Furniture of the Roentgens” which was to be held on Tuesday morning and has the following Special Announcement on its site: “With every hope of reopening to the public as soon as possible, the Museum will announce Wednesday morning, October 31, whether and when it will be able to resume public hours on a limited basis on Wednesday in its main building. Please check here for updated information or call 212-535-7710. The Cloisters will remain closed to the public on Wednesday”. The MoMA announced on its site that it will be open today, October 31, and will resume regular public hours, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

As for the emergency measures of the Smithsonian, they include boarding up windows, or using storm shutters or tape, and leaving some of them slightly open to equalize the pressure.