The royal mummies are soon to leave Cairo’ s Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square, moving into the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, also in the Egyptian capital.

According to the Ministry of Antiquities, twenty two mummies of Pharaohs, queens and nobles as well as 17 ancient coffins will leave the iconic Egyptian Museum of Cairo within the next three months.

Their new “home”, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is a novel heritage institution with a mission to present a comprehensive view of Egyptian civilization from prehistory to the present day, through a multidisciplinary thematic approach. Housed in a state of the art, modern complex in Fustat, Cairo’s medieval “heart,” it has been designed to highlight Egypt’s tangible and intangible heritage.

The process of transferring the royal mummies is designed as a global-scale heritage event as authorities plan for a grand procession “befitting the ancient Egyptian civilization” which will be broadcasted globally, through several media outlets.

So far, representatives of authorities such as the ministries of defense, interior, tourism, Cairo Governorate, security authorities, and the Supreme Council of Antiquities, have attended a number of meetings to discuss issues connected to the procession, along the streets of Cairo and into the museums (route, pavement efficiency, security etc).