Another rare, unusual treasure has been discovered as work progresses on upgrading the former royal estate of Tatoi. The thousands of objects preserved by the Directorate for the Preservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, include a large number of rare wines and spirits in bottles that are now considered historical items and with collectible labels.

As stated by the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni: “Apart from its significant collectible value, the Tatoi wine cellar has a significant scientific and research interest. The task of upgrading the former royal estate is complex and requires specialized knowledge in many different areas. For the evaluation of the wine cellar we are working with experts who have the know-how, both at the oenological level and regarding its historical documentation. Upon completing the project of restoring and reusing the Palace building as a museum, our aim is to find a place in the existing space of the Palace wine cellar for that part of the collection which the experts believe can be exhibited. The wine cellar of Tatoi, a historical collection over fifty years old, of special value to culture and wine making, will open to the public”.

Preservation work of the Tatoi wine cellar by the Service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is in progress and expected to reveal even more historical and oenological treasures. Around 4,000 bottles of wine and beverages have already been archived in 235 crates, with labels of special artistic and historical value and even rare cans of soft drinks which were not imported at that time in Greece. It is worth noting that some of the wines and alcoholic beverages are suitable for consumption, despite the problematic conditions in which they were found. Another 300 crates are being examined to assess the condition of the bottles.

Rare wines found in the collection include bottles of Château Margaux, Château de Vincennes and Château Rothschild, as well as collectible beverage bottles, such as the special ceramic bottling of Chivas whiskey to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth of England. There is also a rich collection of bottles, with labels from the production of the estate itself.

ACHAIA CLAUSS winery has undertaken the duties of special consultant for evaluating the Tatoi wine cellar, with the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the company. Pericles Baltas, head of the Historical Archive is responsible on the part of the company. ACHAIA CLAUSS is the first Greek Winery, founded in 1861 and continuously active to the present. It is a modern winery business, which also operates a sophisticated Museum of the Art of Winemaking. The company’s specialized executives provide their know-how and experience regarding the evaluation and promotion of the wine cellar. They have specifically undertaken to evaluate the bottles of the estate and depending on their rarity and condition to separate them into products that are either highly valuable due to their rarity and oenological interest or otherwise suitable for exhibition.