7 July 2021 Start
7 July 2021 End
5.00pm - 6.00pm Time
UK Institute of Clasical Studies (online via zoom)

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Missing, incomplete, biased. Priceless.

7 July 2021

“Missing, incomplete, biased. Priceless. The key role of documentation in the representation of historical buildings, from drawings to 3D models” is the topic to be addressed by Valeria Vitale (Alan Turing Institute) in one of the two keynote lectures of the ICS summer school in 3D Imaging and Modelling for Classics and Cultural Heritage.

While the summer school is long sold out, this lecture is open and free to the public. If interested, you can sign up at

The lecture will be delivered via Zoom.

Missing, incomplete, biased: About

This lecture will introduce the complex and multifaceted relationship between objects (especially ancient buildings) and their analog or digital visual representations. The lecturer will discuss how this semiotic link can be investigated and unpacked. She will then clarify why understanding and recording the relationship between antiquities and their representation plays a crucial role in the creation of 2D drawings as well as 3D models. She will then argue that documenting the process of how antiquities are visualized is a fundamental component of research-based digital visualizations. This process contributes to shaping our relationship with the historical sources of the past, and with our collaborators of the future.