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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection

This Personal Data Protection Policy covers the conditions for collecting and managing the personal data of visitors/users/members (hereinafter “users”) by the Society Anonymous under the name “ARCHAEOLOGY AND ARTS PUBLISHING SOCIETE ANONYME”, with a registered office in the Municipality of Athens (6 Parnassou Street), Tax No. 800382859 – FAE Athens Tax Office, tel. 210 3228705, e-mail: [email protected], the owner and administrator of the www.archaeology.wiki website, when visiting, creating an account and using the services and pages of the www.archaeology.wiki website.

The terms and guarantees of this privacy policy do not in any way cover the relationship between the users of www.archaeology.wiki and any website services and webpages not controlled or owned by ARCHAEOLOGY & ARTS S.A.

Given the nature and volume of the Internet, www.archaeology.wiki is not responsible under any circumstances, including in the event of negligence, for any damage caused to the user of the web pages, services, choices and content of www.archaeology.wiki which he/she uses on his/her own initiative and in knowledge of the terms hereof.

Subject to the terms set out below regarding the use of cookies, it is noted that visiting, browsing and using www.archaeology.wiki does not in principle require visitors to provide any personal data whatsoever. Personal data will be requested only in the event that visitors choose to receive information e-mails concerning news on the subject and themes included in www.archaeology.wiki or new functions and services, or chooses to create a member account, in order to enjoy individualised services and privileges offered to members, as well as to be able (in the case of premium members, see below) to contribute to the primary production of content and the development of the information base of www.archaeology.wiki. In any event, the personal data requested will be only that which is absolutely necessary, relevant and sufficient to permit www.archaeology.wiki to provide the service selected by the user and to protect other users of the web portal. The provision of additional information and the photograph of themselves that users may choose to make public is optional, at the users’ absolute discretion and in the knowledge that they are provided in order to enrich their account profile, and are not necessary in order to create an account, as also elaborated below.

Personal data collection policy

In order to create a member account, www.archaeology.wiki will request the following information: users must provide a username and create a password, together with their e-mail, date of birth and country. These data are used to create the member account. Optionally, users may also choose to enrich their account profile by providing the following personal data: Name, Surname, Gender, Profession, Interest, personal webpage, personal blog, Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn pages and Skype name, and also publish a photograph of themselves. In order to create a premium member account, members must pay a subscription fee. To make this payment, once they have selected the type of subscription they prefer, they will be redirected via secure connection to the platform of the internationally recognised online payment provider PayPal. www.archaeology.wiki is not notified of any other element of the user’s transaction (e.g. user’s PayPal ΙD, credit card details, etc.), but only receives confirmation from PayPal that the transaction has been completed.

www.archaeology.wiki strictly complies with Greek law on Personal Data Collection. Data provided by users will not be revealed to third parties and will not be made public in any way or be exploited in any way. These data are only used to the extent deemed absolutely necessary to:

  • fulfil the terms and obligations of the services provided to users
  • support users with information
  • tailor the content offered to users to their general preferences
  • satisfy any user demands regarding the content, functions and services provided by and through the web portal
  • serve the smooth operation of the web portal
  • communicate with users on any subject that may arise in connection with their activity on www.archaeology.wiki.

In particular, regarding sending information e-mails to the address provided, www.archaeology.wiki will only do so if the user has specially declared his/her consent and www.archaeology.wiki has verified that this declaration is genuine. Access to the content of the consent declaration and the option of withdrawing that consent at any time is provided in every e-mail sent by www.archaeology.wiki, in the context of the present policy. Users can also withdraw the declaration of consent at www.archaeology.gr.

Exceptionally, www.archaeology.wiki may make its users’ personal data known under the following circumstances:

  • It has the users’ explicit consent to make their personal data public in any way
  • The data are made public to any third-party natural persons or legal entities with which www.archaeology.wiki cooperates and only to the extent necessary to provide support to www.archaeology.wiki or to fulfil any obligation assumed by www.archaeology.wiki.
  • If required by law or by court order or at the request of any other state or regulatory authority.

In any event, www.archaeology.wiki informs its users of the existence of their right to access and their right to object pursuant to articles 12 & 13 of Law 2472/97.


www.archaeology.wiki allows users to request the deletion of their account with the personal data they have provided via e-mail sent to: [email protected]. Users may correct and/or update their personal data at any time, by simply visiting the relevant service of www.archaeology.wiki.


www.archaeology.wiki uses cookies for the smooth operation of services, and to identify the visitor/user of certain services and pages of www.archaeology.wiki. Cookies are small text files that are stored on each visitor/user’s hard drive if he/she has opted to accept cookies. Cookies are not used in any way to capture users’ personal data or take note of any document or file from users’ computers, let alone cause any damage to users’ computers. They are used only to facilitate user access to specific services and applications of www.archaeology.wiki. Cookies are used indicatively for the following purposes:

  • To identify and provide users with access to their account (login).
  • For statistical purposes and to record general data traffic.
  • To conduct research to improve the content and services of archaeology.wiki and to facilitate access to them.
  • To display information and advertisements to users based on their interests from previous visits to archaeology.wiki.
  • For the smooth technical operation of services and sections of archaeology.wiki and the handling of services provided to service users.

Users of www.archaeology.wiki may configure their browsers so as to warn them of the use of cookies for specific services provided by www.archaeology.wiki, or to prevent the use of cookies at any time. If the user has chosen not to accept cookies for recognition purposes, he/she will not be able to access his/her account (requiring a login) for technical reasons.


www.archaeology.wiki includes links to other websites which are not controlled by www.archaeology.wiki but by their owners/administrators (natural persons or legal entities). www.archaeology.wiki bears no liability whatsoever for the terms of protection of its users’ personal data on third-party websites.


The IP address is determined by the Internet Provider through which the user’s computer accesses the Internet, and therefore to website www.archaeology.wiki. The IP address is retained by www.archaeology.wiki for technical reasons and to ensure the security of the website systems (server, database, network, etc.) and is used solely for the purpose of collecting statistical data.

The user’s IP address may be disclosed if required, according to due legal process, by the competent law enforcement or judicial authorities or other government authorities.


The management and protection of the personal data of users of the services of www.archaeology.wiki are subject to the terms set forth in the present section, as well as the relevant provisions of Greek Law (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data as modified and supplemented by Law 3471/2006 on electronic communications), the decisions of the Chairman of the Commission on Personal Data Protection, and EU legislation. In this context, any future relevant regulation will be the subject of this section. In any event, www.archaeology.wiki reserves the right to change the terms of personal data protection within the existing and/or new legal framework, after informing the users.

Access to the contents and services of www.archaeology.wiki implies and presumes the user’s full and unreserved acceptance of the terms of the present policy and the user’s consent to the processing of those data in accordance with the above terms.