Terms of use

Terms of Use

The Society Anonymous under the name “ARCHAEOLOGY AND ARTS PUBLISHING SOCIETE ANONYME”, with a registered office in the Municipality of Athens (6 Parnassou street), Tax No. 800382859 – FAE Athens Tax Office, tel. 210 3228705, e-mail: [email protected]., the owner and manager of the www.archaeology.wiki website, offers its services under the following terms of use, which visitors/users of the pages of this site must carefully read and visit/use the pages/services of www.archaeology.wiki only if they accepts them in full. The content, services and applications of www.archaeology.wiki are provided to legally competent natural persons for personal, non-commercial use. By accepting this form, visitors/users confirm that they agree to the above conditions.


www.archaeology.wiki provides visitors/users of the website a wide range of services, pages, options and/or sources, including various communication tools, user public access and communication sites, and services/pages of personal nature and content. The pages of www.archaeology.wiki may include any type of advertisement. The existing services, as well as any new services to be included in www.archaeology.wiki in future, are subject to these terms of use unless explicitly stated otherwise. Visitors/users of the services provided on www.archaeology.wiki understand and accept that all webpages/services are provided on an “as is” basis and that www.archaeology.wiki disclaims any liability regarding limited duration, deletion, poor performance or inability to electronically store any user data and/or any of the contents of personal webpages/services.

Visitors/users are responsible for accessing the services of www.archaeology.wiki, and this access may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. Internet service providers, fees for the time spent online). Visitors/users are exclusively responsible for paying any relevant fees. Moreover, visitors/users are exclusively responsible for their personal equipment and the necessary hardware enabling access to the services of www.archaeology.wiki.


Visiting, browsing, searching and reading and viewing the content of www.archaeology.wiki does not in principle require visitors to provide any personal information whatsoever. Personal information will be requested only in the event that visitors choose to receive information e-mails concerning news, newsletters and new functions, services and content of www.archaeology.wiki, or proceeds to create a member account, in order to leave comments and enjoy some services and individualised choices offered by www.archaeology.wiki to its members. Furthermore, www.archaeology.wiki offers the possibility of creating a premium member account, through which users who specialise (professionally and/or amateur) and/or are simply interested in the field of Archaeology and the Arts in general can, using their account – among other things – contribute to the primary production of content of www.archaeology.wiki. On creating an account, users undertake and engage to provide true, accurate, current and complete information, and to maintain and promptly update their account information in order to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. www.archaeology.wiki has the right to terminate member accounts if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, etc. Creating an account requires the user to set a password and user name.

Creating a premium member account involves payment of a subscription fee, the amount of which varies according to the length of the subscription (monthly, biannual, annual) the user/member desires. The subscription fee is prepaid by users/members for the entire duration of the subscription. At the end of each subscription period, users/members may renew the subscription at any time they wish and for any subscription package (duration) they wish. It is specified that the creation of a premium member account and payment of subscription are processed via the PayPal online payment service, which necessitates owning or setting up a PayPal account. If visitors wish to receive information e-mails, they can activate the service on the homepage, where the relevant information and visitor consent procedure are available.

The Personal Information Protection Policy for www.archaeology.wiki users is available at: https://www.archaeology.wiki/personal-data/


As soon as the visitor has created a www.archaeology.wiki account, he/she will receive confirmation of the password and username he/she has set. Once the visitor has created a www.archaeology.wiki account, he/she is exclusively responsible for any actions taken via his/her personal account with the use of his/her password, and he/she must diligently safeguard such information. www.archaeology.wiki recommends its users take all necessary safety precautions to prevent illegal or unauthorized use of their account by third parties. Members agree to immediately inform www.archaeology.wiki of any unauthorized use of their account and any actual and/or possible security breach. www.archaeology.wiki provides its members with a function through which users may change their password at any given time. Furthermore, www.archaeology.wiki recommends that members memorize their password and avoid noting it on pieces of paper or objects accessible to third parties. In case of loss or theft of their password and/or unauthorized use of their account, and primarily for their own safety, members undertake the responsibility to change their password at once and, at the same time, promptly inform www.archaeology.wiki. Finally, www.archaeology.wiki recommends – especially when accessing the site via a common computer – that members be particularly careful and always log out of their account after each session, in order to prevent unauthorized access to their account by third parties. www.archaeology.wiki is in no way liable for any damage or harm inflicted due to members/users due to failure to comply with the terms of this article. Once the account has been created, it can be closed by sending a request by e-mail to www.archaeology.wiki.


As stated above, www.archaeology.wiki gives visitors who create an account – depending on the type of account they create – the option to post comments, publish reviews and provide content, with the aim of promoting, through the interactive communication of users/members, the exchange and dissemination of views, ideas and constructive dialogue, and the development and promotion of archaeology, art and culture in general.

It is mutually agreed and acknowledged that, although www.archaeology.wiki provides its users/members with the necessary technological infrastructure and means to upload/publish content, all information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, images, audiovisual files, messages and all content in general, either publicly posted or privately transmitted, shall remain the exclusive responsibility of the natural person or legal entity from whom said content has originated. This means that users/members are exclusively responsible for all and any content they post, publish, send, transmit, or otherwise make available through the services of www.archaeology.wiki , and they undertake and guarantee that any such content does not violate any rights of third parties, as elaborated below.

In light of the aim for which the above services/functions have been placed at the disposal of visitors/users/members, the basic principles governing the usage of such services are set out below, in order that they will, among other things, become a source of objective information for other internet users. Therefore users/members must provide true and honest information, avoid dissemination of unconfirmed news that may inflict harm on other users and/or third parties, and avoid publishing personal information. Apart from the above, users are not permitted to use the option of publishing comments, reviews, information, articles, news and content provided by www.archaeology.wiki for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Posting, publishing, sending, transmitting, or otherwise disclosing content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, damaging, defamatory, obscene, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise objectionable, or violates the personality and personal information of others, incites hatred, etc.
  • Causing harm to minors in any way whatsoever.
  • Impersonating any legal entity or natural person or making false statements about the identity of the user/member or misleading statements regarding the relations and/or affiliation of the user/member with any other legal entity or natural person.
  • Counterfeiting or otherwise changing the identifiers of users/members in order to mislead as to the origin of the content transmitted through www.archaeology.wiki.
  • Posting, publishing, sending, transmitting, or otherwise disclosing content by a person not entitled to make said content available either by law or based on a clause of confidentiality.
  • Posting, publishing, sending, transmitting or otherwise installing software or any other type of content (text, image, audio, video, animation) infringing the intellectual property rights of any entity (including trade secrets).
  • Posting, publishing, sending, transmitting or using any other method to install any program or method supporting the dissemination of unsolicited advertisements or other content promoting products or services or third websites, sending unsolicited e-mails or any other sort of unsolicited promotional information.
  • Posting, publishing, sending, transmitting or otherwise installing and/or promoting and/or distributing content containing viruses or any other form of electronic code, file, or program designed to interfere with, damage, or limit the operation of computer software/hardware or telecommunications networks or equipment.
  • Interfering with the services or disrupting the services or servers or networks connected to the www.archaeology.wiki web portal, or breaching the conditions, procedures and rules associated with the use of these networks. Interfering or disrupting, by the use of HTML/CSS or other codes, the operation of the www.archaeology.wiki web portal or other websites with which www.archaeology.wiki is either associated or collaborates.
  • Violating, intentionally or unintentionally, any local, national, European or international legislation and/or any legally binding regulation that concerns and/or governs any of the www.archaeology.wiki site functions or services.
  • Violating, in any way whatsoever, the privacy and personal and social rights of other users/members.

www.archaeology.wiki may at any time modify the terms of submission of content by users and/or temporarily interrupt and/or end the relevant function and/or change the time span during which such content will appear in its pages, and also change the limits in size and/or type and format of the files a user is permitted to upload/publish, and will not be held responsible for the loss or failure to store/publish content which does not comply with the modified terms.

Specifically, for all types of content published by users (including premium members), www.archaeology.wiki is granted a free, perpetual, non-exclusive and irrevocable licence to use, reproduce, distribute, republish, use/refer to the name and source, modify, move and remove said content either in whole or in part, in accordance with the needs and storage limits of www.archaeology.wiki, and the technological development of its services and/or the means and devices through which the content and applications of www.archaeology.wiki are made available to visitors.

Due to its size, www.archaeology.wiki cannot control all the content posted on the site services by users/members and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legality or quality of said content. The user/member understands and accepts that by using the services of www.archaeology.wiki he/she may be exposed to offensive, immoral or illegal content. In any event, www.archaeology.wiki cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in any content or for any damage or harm that may result from the use of any content posted, sent, transmitted, or otherwise made available by users/members on the www.archaeology.wiki site services.

Although www.archaeology.wiki does not carry out a preliminary check and/or verify the content of users’ comments and views, in the event that it receives notification that any content is causing damage or harm to a third party, or if it becomes aware of content unsuitable for publication, in breach of the present terms, it has the right to delete it immediately and without prior warning to the user who uploaded it, and also to remove and deny that user future access to its applications and services.

Users/members understand and accept that they must evaluate and be responsible for any risk that may be incurred by the use of any content, including any decision that they may take based on the accuracy, completeness and/or usefulness of any content. In this sense, users/members understand and accept that they cannot rely on the content created by www.archaeology.wiki or submitted for posting on the site, including the information available on www.archaeology.wiki, user pages and all other services of www.archaeology.wiki.

Users/members understand and accept the international nature of the Internet and undertake to respect and faithfully observe the local rules of conduct of each state. Specifically, users/members are bound to faithfully follow the law regarding the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.

Each user/member is furthermore solely and exclusively responsible for compensating www.archaeology.wiki and its partners and/or any third party in full for any dispute/difference/conflict that may arise due to the user’s violation of the present terms of use.


As stated at the beginning of the present terms of use, the services of www.archaeology.wiki are intended for adults who have full legal capacity. However, the rapid spread of the Internet is an undeniable fact, with the result that that more and more young people are using the Internet to gain access to global knowledge, history and current affairs, and naturally show great interest in the new domain which they are familiarising themselves. www.archaeology.wiki attempts, as far as possible, to protect its users, especially minors, when they visit its pages. It has therefore implemented a mechanism by which, when a member wishes to upload/publish archaeological content unsuitable for minors, he or she must select the “mature content” check box so that this content is only shown to registered members. www.archaeology.wiki recommends that parents endure that minor children do not access the Internet without the appropriate guidance and supervision, because, as stated above, www.archaeology.wiki cannot control the information disseminated on its servers. If, however, minors visit webpages containing inappropriate content, www.archaeology.wiki bears no responsibility for this.


Apart from expressly specified exceptions (intellectual property rights of third parties, partners, and sources of content, for which www.archaeology.wiki has specifically been granted the relevant licences), all content of www.archaeology.wiki, including videos, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, tools, applications, services provided and everything contained in the said website in general, constitutes the intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks of www.archaeology.wiki and is thus protected under the relevant provisions of Greek and EU law, international conventions and treaties. Any content of www.archaeology.wiki (including content generated by members of www.archaeology.wiki) mentioned in the sections of www.archaeology.wiki and bearing the indications and/or marks of the relevant persons, associates, collaborators, organisations, companies, institutions, unions, etc., is the intellectual and industrial property of those natural persons or legal entities, and it is they who bear liability for them. The content, functions and applications of www.archaeology.wiki are intended for personal, non-commercial use. Consequently, no content of www.archaeology.wiki may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, distributed or exploited, either wholly or in part, in any way whatsoever, without the prior written permission of the website proprietors. An exception to the above indicative circumstances is the download of a single copy of part of the content to the user’s personal computer, exclusively for personal use and not for public or commercial exploitation, on condition that the source of the content is not deleted and the relevant intellectual and industrial copyrights are not infringed or violated in any way whatsoever. Apart from the rights and licences expressly granted in relation to access and use of the content of www.archaeology.wiki (granted by the site itself or its licensors), all other titles and rights are fully reserved in the name of the respective owners.

Should any visitor, user or member wish to acquire a licence to redistribute/republish or upload content of www.archaeology.wiki to their own website, and on condition that the content’s source will not be deleted and an active link from the third site to www.archaeology.wiki web address will be maintained, they may contact www.archaeology.wiki (e-mail: [email protected]) in order to be granted the necessary written permission, explicitly stating the licence terms and restrictions.

Without prejudice to the above, www.archaeology.wiki may also republish content which is made available by its creators under creative commons licences. This category of content is governed by the creative commons licence, as defined by the respective creator.


www.archaeology.wiki provides the web space and the necessary technological infrastructure to search, read, update and watch audiovisual content relevant to the object of the site.

Given the nature and volume of the Internet, www.archaeology.wiki is not, under any circumstances, including cases of negligence, liable for any form of damage caused to visitors/users using the pages, services, options and contents of www.archaeology.wiki on their own initiative, also assuming the responsibility for verifying the information provided. The contents of www.archaeology.wiki are provided on an “as is” basis, without any guarantee, either expressed or implied, in any way whatsoever entailing marketability and suitability for a specific purpose. The content and information found on www.archaeology.wiki are a contribution to visitors/users of www.archaeology.wiki and the community of Internet users in general; they are not in any case intended to be perceived as valid information and/or advice and they do not conceal any encouragement or discouragement for performing specific actions.

Furthermore, visitors/users of www.archaeology.wiki are reminded that part of its content is generated by its users. www.archaeology.wiki cannot be held accountable for the origin, sources, validity, completeness, preciseness, objectivity or security of content contributed by users/members (whether in the form of simple comments or in the form of reviews and/or other content submitted by premium members) and generally the suitability of that content and the absence of possible errors, nor is it liable if such content infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties, and, in any event, www.archaeology.wiki will not be liable for loss of revenues or other loss and damage including accidental damage due to the actions and choices of its visitors/users during the use of services provided to them under the present terms of use.

In the event that a disagreement or dispute arises between visitors/users of www.archaeology.wiki or between visitors/users and a third party or between third parties and visitors/users, www.archaeology.wiki will bear no liability whatsoever to restore any damage relevant to any sort of claims, demands, etc., made by the said persons. Nevertheless, if www.archaeology.wiki is required to intervene (participate) in such a dispute, all expenses and fees including reasonable legal fees to the attorneys who will represent www.archaeology.wiki in such a dispute will be borne by the visitor/user who caused www.archaeology.wiki to take part in the dispute resolution process.

www.archaeology.wiki does not guarantee that the pages and sections of the web portal (functions, applications, services, options and content) will be provided free of any interruption or error, or that errors will be corrected. Moreover, www.archaeology.wiki does not guarantee that the website itself or any other associated website or the servers used to make the web portal available to visitors/users/members and/or any other associated website do not contain viruses or other harmful elements.

Finally, www.archaeology.wiki is not responsible for any malfunction, cessation of operation or inappropriateness of the hardware or software it uses, and does not guarantee and bears no liability whatsoever for the quality, adequacy and security of communication with any point of the telecommunications network of the ISP provider or of other networks required for the operation of the web portal and its services. www.archaeology.wiki is not liable for network functionality problems caused by third parties, that render the content and the web portal services partially and/or completely unavailable, either temporarily or for a longer period of time.


Internet security is a sensitive issue because the Internet is open and freely accessible to third parties. Website safeguards are in place using digital certificates and high security firewalls. Furthermore, communication between web users and web servers is encrypted and all data sent between user and server are encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting personal information and its transmission.

In any event, premium membership fees are paid through the secure platform of the internationally recognised online payment provider PayPal, with which www.archaeology.wiki holds an account. Once users/members select the desired subscription type (duration), with the corresponding fee, they are redirected via a secure connection – in accordance with the above – to the PayPal application, where they enter their card details. On confirmation of the card details by PayPal, the transaction is approved or rejected and www.archaeology.wiki is notified of the result in order to activate the membership account. Users/members can find PayPal terms of use, transaction security policy and personal data protection at: https://www.archaeology.wiki/personal-data/


Users/members accessing the services of www.archaeology.wiki for the purpose of uploading and/or posting information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, images, videos, audio files and messages give permission to www.archaeology.wiki, for the period of time this content is part of the services of www.archaeology.wiki.gr, to use the space where the content is uploaded for advertising purposes. Furthermore, users/members who upload and/or post information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, images, audio files, videos and messages consent to the uploading and/or posting of advertisements by www.archaeology.wiki on the relevant pages/services.


www.archaeology.wiki does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services provided on other websites and webpages referred to through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Consequently, in the event of any problems arising when visiting/using these websites and webpages, users should directly address those websites and webpages, which are solely responsible for the services they provide. It should not be presumed that www.archaeology.wiki endorses or accepts the content or services of the websites and webpages to which it refers or that the website is related to these websites/webpages in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, www.archaeology.wiki bears no responsibility for its users’ communication with such third providers of services and products advertised in www.archaeology.wiki, or for any commercial or other transaction which may arise from the relationship between its users and third providers.


www.archaeology.wiki reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, part or all of its services with or without notice to users/members.


Users/visitors acknowledge and accept that all communication with www.archaeology.wiki for reasons of information and consent through the digital forms and documents provided by the web portal constitutes, with regard to all its consequences, communication in writing.


The aforementioned terms and conditions of use of www.archaeology.wiki, as well as any amendment to them, are governed and supplemented by the applicable Greek and EU law and relevant international treaties. Any term or condition which is incompatible with the law shall automatically lapse, without affecting the validity of all other terms and conditions. The present terms of use constitute an integrated agreement between www.archaeology.wiki and the visitors/users/members of the site pages and services and are binding on these parties only. No amendment to these terms will be taken into account or become part of this agreement unless it has been stated in writing and integrated herein. www.archaeology.wiki reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of the site content, applications and services, simultaneously updating the present terms of use with regard to any modification or addition to the terms. In any event, www.archaeology.wiki recommends that its users/members visit this terms of use page in order to keep up to date with any change in terms. Continued use of the www.archaeology.wiki services after each modification of the terms entails the unreserved acceptance of such modification. In any event, a copy of the present terms of use governing the current relationship between the visitor/user and www.archaeology.wiki may be downloaded or printed by clicking on the relevant option.