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24 May 2016 Start
25 May 2016 End
Belgium Gent

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The Present in the Distant Past

19-21 May 2016

“Finding the Present in the Distant Past, The Cultural Meaning of Antiquarianism in Late Antiquity” is the title of a conference on late antique antiquarianism, which will be held at the city of Ghent, Belgium this May.

Organizers: Peter Van Nuffelen, Jan-Willem Drijvers, Lorenzo Focanti, Raf Praet; with the support of FWO, NWO, OIKOS and the Faculty of Arts, Ghent University.


19th May 2016

9.00 Registration
9.40 Welcome (P. Van Nuffelen, Universiteit Gent)

Theoretical Approaches to Antiquarianism
Chair: P. Van Nuffelen (Universiteit Gent)

10.20 D. MacRae (University of Cincinnati), Late Antique Roman Antiquarianism: History of Silence or the Silence of History?
11.00 Coffee Break
11.40 M. Formisano (Universiteit Gent), Anachronic Late Antiquity (provisional title)
12.20 – 12.50 General Discussion
12.50 – 14.00 Lunch


Antiquarianism in the West
Chair: R. Flower (University of Exeter)

14.00 J.W. Drijvers (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Antiquarian Aspects in the Res Gestae of Ammianus Marcellinus?
14.40 C. Ando (University of Chicago), Antiquarianism, Historicism and Presentism in Late Roman Law
15.20 Coffee break
Chair: M. Formisano (Universiteit Gent)
16.00 R. Schwitter (Universität Zürich), Antiquarian Writing in Scholia on Vergil: Historicizing Ancient Rome in the Post-Imperial Era
16.40 F. Foster (University of Cambridge), Servius and Antiquarianism in the Classroom
17.20 final remarks
18.00 end

20th May 2016


First Session: Antiquarianism in the East
Chair: C. Ando (University of Chicago)

9.00 L. Focanti (Universiteit Gent), Playing with the Past. The Patria and the Greek Cities in Late Antique Roman Empire
9.40 E. Fassa (University of Athens), Antiquitates Aegyptiacae et Antiquitates Romanae in late antique Alexandria: urban intellectuals, the past and the politics of nostalgia
10.20 R. Praet (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Antiquarianism in the sixth century AD: Easing The shift from Rome to Constantinople.
11.00 Coffee Break
Chair: G. Traina (Université Paris-Sorbonne Université Paris-Sorbonne / Institut universitaire de France)
11.40 S. Anghel (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Plato’s Garden. Neoplatonic Antiquarianism in Late Antique Athens.
12.20 – 12.50 general discussion
12.50 – 14.00 Lunch

Chair: B. Bleckmann (Universität Düsseldorf)

14.00 M. Agnosini (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), Some Constantinopolitan antiquities and ancient Roman festivals in John Lydus’ De mensibus
14.40 R. Flower (University of Exeter), Antiquarianism and Encyclopaedism in Epiphanius of Salamis
15.20 Coffee break
Chair: G. B. Greatrex (University of Ottawa)
16.00 G. Traina (Université Paris-Sorbonne / Institut universitaire de France), Antiquarian traditions on ancient Armenia: Procopius of Caesarea and the so-called Primary History
16.40 Final Remarks
17.20 End

21st May 2016

Antiquarianism in Byzantium
Chair: J.W. Drijvers (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

9.00 B. Bleckmann (Universität Düsseldorf), Triumph in John of Antioch (prov. title)
9.40 G. B. Greatrex (University of Ottawa), Antiquarians, modernisers and historiography in sixth-century Constantinople
10.20 P. De Cicco (Université de Nantes), Fictive Past and Modern Propaganda: The Reverse of a Biblical Archaiologia in the Age of the ‘Heraclid’ Anastasius
11.00 Coffee Break
11.40 P. Manafis – R. Praet (Universiteit Gent – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Approaches to the past in Byzantium: byzantine Antiquarianism?
12.20 Conclusions
13.00-14.00 Lunch