8 November 2023 Start
8 November 2023 End
18.00 Time
Greece Netherlands Institute at Athens, 11, Makri str., 117 42, Athens


Working side by side with goldsmiths in the Mycenaean times

November 8, 2023

In the frame of the TEXNH: Making, creating, and agency networks in the Ancient Mediterranean world lecture series and discussion forum the NIA invites all interested to the lecture “Working side by side with goldsmiths in the Mycenaean times” by

Dr. Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi, National Archaeological Museum Athens

Co presenters:

Dr. Nikolas Papadimitriou Director at the Paul and Alexander Canellopoulos Museum

Mr Akis Goumas Goldsmith and Researcher of Ancient Metalworking Techniques

Discussant: Dr. Irini Papageorgiou, Benaki Museum


The art of the Mycenaean goldsmith is seen on a number of artifacts, either entirely made of gold or embellished with gold elements, like jewellery, luxurious vessels, furniture inlays and weapons. It is reasonable to suggest that craftsmen working on various materials, especially those that required kilns or furnaces, would at some point sit side by side to exchange tools, knowledge and ideas or even work on the same item. A closer look on some of the most typical classes of minor arts like signet rings, gold plated bone accessories or the famous inlaid daggers provides valuable information on the way those craftsmen worked and their various levels of expertise.

The lecture is organized by the Netherlands Institute at Athens, in collaboration with the Royal Museums of Art and History Brussels, The National Archaeological Museum Athens, The Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, The École française d’Athènes and The University College Roosevelt (NL).

The event will also be streamed live. For registration please visit: