Μosaic with the use of Krokean stone in Rome

Μosaic with the use of Krokean stone in Rome: Tiger attacking a calf (Capitoline Museums)

One of the main colourful stones (forest green with green and golden spots) in decorative opus sectile artworks is the Krokean stone (or Lapis Lacedaemonius, Serpentine Porphyry, Green porphyry), a unique stone only to be found in the area of “Psiphi” of the villagge Krokees in Laconia, Peloponnese. In Roman times, Romans extracted big quantities of the stone. The Krokean stone quarry was property of the Roman Empire.

(Article of Prof. G. Pikoulas in the local newspaper “Dioskouroi” about the Krokean stone. The newspaper archive can be found in the Library of Krokees