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by Georgia (Zeta) Xekalaki Archaeologist - Egyptologist, Ph.D.
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Jane E. Francis and Anna Kouremenos (eds.), «Roman Crete: New Perspectives»
A collective work on Crete during the Roman era

A collective work that complements Ian Sanders’ «Roman Crete», “transferring” it to the 21st century with new information and theoretical approaches.

In the discussion of ‘archaic’ states, monumental architecture is a subject of great significance, owing mostly to its ubiquitous presence in most of the early, pristine states, which can be found in a multitude of regions around the globe, and which emerged during different periods of time.

by Michael Patmanidis Archaeologist, Guide
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Defending the Late Period of Egypt
Is it fair to regard it as 'the last gasp of a once great culture'?

This essay taps on archaeological, architectural and epigraphical evidence to review the Late Period of Egypt and demonstrate how it has all the elements of a vigorous, dynamic and versatile era of monumental cultural achievements.

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Early Iron Age Tombs at Knossos
Suitable for contextual studies

Presentation and synthesis of all the fully published Early Iron Age tombs from the cemeteries at Knossos.