24 April 2019 Start
24 April 2019 End
6.30 p.m. Time
USA Lecture Hall The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU 1 East 78th Street


Archaeological Research in Sudan, 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kathryn Howley, Lila Acheson Wallace Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art, Institute of Fine Arts will address the topic “Archaeological Research in Sudan, 2019”.

This lecture will present the latest results from Institute-sponsored fieldwork at the first millennium BC temple of Amun at Sanam, Sudan, which took place in January 2019.

Kathryn Howley is an archaeologist and art historian of ancient Egypt and Sudan, particularly interested in questions of materiality and intercultural interaction. She is fascinated not only by how and why material culture crosses borders, but also by the active role that material culture plays in negotiating intercultural contact. Her current research uses theoretical frameworks drawn from anthropology and art history in addition to more traditional Egyptological methodologies in order to reconstruct the roles that Egyptian material culture played in Nubian society in the first millennium BC, and investigate how foreign material culture was used to negotiate indigenous social systems in Nubia. Her first book, The Royal Tombs of Nuri: interaction and material culture exchange between Kush and Egypt c. 650-580 BC, will appear in 2019 in Brill’s Harvard Egyptology Series.