20 May 2023 Start
20 May 2023 End
9.00 am Time
Austria OeAW-OeAI, Hollandstrasse 11-13, 1020 Vienna; Seminar room, 1st floor und via Zoom

e-mail.: Sigrid.Pratsch(at)

Connected Pharaohs: Complex Networks and the Digital Bronze Age

May 20, 2023

The event “Connected Pharaohs: Complex Networks and the Digital Bronze Age” is a one-day, hybrid workshop showcasing and discussing the digital and computational methods applied in latest research on ancient Egypt. The papers will focus on studies on material culture, architecture, iconography, geographical data, and texts. The aim is to help establish digital and computational methods, by showing the process behind the use of technologies and the »human agency« behind their application. Therefore, the papers will also discuss the choices made by the researchers in selecting both the data and the parameters of their research, and in tackling the eventual problems.

The workshop is supported by the Austrian Archaeological Institute, the NWO-Project »Picking Up the Pieces (PUP)« (SGW 2020-2 SGW) and the FWF-Project »Entangled Charters of Anatolia (ENCHANT)« (P 36403-G).

Please register until May 18th to Arianna Sacco