7 September 2021 Start
7 September 2021 End
14.00-16.30 UK time Time
Online Seminar

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Digital Italy Seminar

September 7, 2021

Two seminars on the theme of ‘Digital Italy’ will be held online on Tuesday 7th September and Tuesday 14th September (14.00-16.30 UK time). These seminars are being held as part of the events funded by the project ‘Connectivity and Competition: Multilingualism in Ancient Italy 800-200 BC’ (AH/R010943/1).

These two seminars seek to bring together people who are working on, or who have recently worked on, projects with a digital component related to Republican and pre-Roman Italy and Sicily. Our aim is to share knowledge between projects and publicise the digital resources that have been created for the study of Italy.

If you would like to be added to the attendance list, please email [email protected].uk to be added to the list. A Zoom link will be circulated before the sessions.

The final schedule for the two seminars is:

Day One: 7th September 14.00-16.30pm (UK time)

14.00 Welcome – Katherine McDonald

14.10 Maps and networks (Chair: Katherine McDonald)

14.10 Saskia Roselaar – An interactive map of Italian individuals in the Roman Republican Mediterranean area

14.20 John Mucigrosso (Drew University, Madison) – An on-line database of temples

14.30 Dan Diffendale and Leah Bernado-Ciddio (Michigan) – Putting the epigraphy of pre-Roman Italy into its peninsular context

14.40 Discussion

15.10 Break

15.30 Epigraphy in northern and central Italy (Chair: Livia Tagliapietra)

15.30 Annie Burman (Uppsala) – Corpus of Etruscan Squeezes at Uppsala: issues of digitisation and access

15.40 Corinna Salomon (Vienna) – Lexicon Leponticum, Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum, and Semantic MediaWiki as a DH tool

15.50 Discussion

Day Two: 14th September 14.00-16.30pm (UK time)

14.00 Welcome – Katherine McDonald

14.10 Epidoc projects (Chair: Katherine McDonald)

14.10 Luca Rigobianco (Ca’ Foscari, Venice) – Building a digital corpus and a computational lexicon of the languages of ancient Italy

14.20 Liva Tagliapietra (Exeter) – Building a digital corpus to explore multilingualism in Late Republican Campania: a pilot project

14.30 Valentina Mignosa (Oxford) – Crossreads and the digital corpus of inscriptions from ancient Sicily. Researching Elymian texts

14.40 Discussion

15.10 Break

15.30 New digital tools (Chair: Livia Tagliapietra)

15.30 Giuseppe Castellano (Toronto) – Trapezites: an ancient currency conversion website

15.40 Francesca D’Andrea and Gianfranco Adornato (Pisa) – The city’s shape: making a verbo-visual lexicon of Ancient Rome

15.50 Discussion