29 November 2021 Start
29 November 2021 End
5pm (UK) / 7pm (Greece) Time
Virtual Lecture

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Fragments from early Ottoman Zagori

Monday, 29 November 2021

Dr Faidon Moudopoulos-Athanasiou (University of Sheffield) will address the topic “Fragments from early Ottoman Zagori: resilience, adaptation, and transformation within a montane cultural landscape”. You can participate in this BSA Virtual Lecture live online via Zoom.


Current understanding of the early modern montane Greek cultural landscapes focusses on the post-17th century realities of the mountains. For it is in that period the exogenous, mercantile wealth of montane elites is expressed in exceptional domestic and religious architecture and material culture. Zagori, among other regions, is a prime example of that. However, it is often the case that explanations for the “emergence” of this exceptional material culture are lost in simplistic models related, for example, to carrying capacity, or foundational myths positioned ideologically against the Ottoman (Turk) Other. In this seminar we will trace the history of Zagori from the final decades of the “Despotate” of Epirus (early 15th c.) up to the 18th century, investigating change through the agency of those dwelling in the mountains. Issues of resilience, adaptation and transformation will be raised through a combination of archival (local and imperial) sources, ethnography and landscape archaeology.

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