29 March 2022 Start
30 March 2022 End
9,30 am-5.30 pm Time
UK Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, 66 St. Giles’, Oxford, OX1 3LU


Greek Naming in Egypt

29th – 30th of March, 2022

‘Greek Naming in Egypt’; Conference to be held on the 29th – 30th of March, organized by the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names in collaboration with Trismegistos. The Conference will be both in-person in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies (66 St. Giles’, Oxford, OX1 3LU) and on Zoom. Attendance is open to all without charge, but those wishing to attend in person or on Zoom should send an email to The zoom link will be sent out the day before the conference.

‘Greek Naming in Egypt’ Program details (all UK times)

 Tuesday, March 29 

 9.30 am welcome

10 am              Yanne Broux (Leuven): ‘Greek names in Egypt: an overview based on Trismegistos People’.               

11 am Tea & coffee

11.30 am         Dorothy Thompson (Cambridge) and Willy Clarysse (Leuven), ‘Greek Names of Egypt’.

12.30 pm lunch

2 pm                Adrienn Almásy-Martin (Oxford), ‘Phonetic variants of Greek names in Demotic: a survey based on LGPN data’.

3 pm                 Nico Dogaer (Oxford), ‘Hybrid names’.

4 pm tea & coffee

4.30pm            Maren Schentuleit (Oxford), ‘Unisex Names’.

5.30 pm   drinks reception   

Wednesday, March 30 

10 am            Rachael Mairs (Reading) ‘Inter-generational change in naming practices’.

11 am tea & coffee

11.30 am        Malcolm Choat (Macquarie), ‘Christian naming in Egypt’.

12.30 pm lunch

2 pm               Michael Zellmann-Rohrer (Berlin), ‘Greek names in Coptic’.

3 pm                Sylvie Honigman (Tel Aviv), ‘Jewish names in Egypt’.

4 pm tea & coffee

4.30 pm          Roger Bagnall (New York) ‘Re-emergence of names from the classical past’.

5.30 pm           Alan Bowman (Oxford), ‘Envoi’.

To read more on the expansion of Greek culture in Egypt see here.