4 May 2022 Start
7 May 2022 End
Austria Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor, 1020 Vienna (invited guests only)


In the Time(s) of My Father and of My Father’s Father …

May 4-7, 2022

The conference “In the Time(s) of My Father and of My Father’s Father…” Genealogy and Prosopography as Sources for Historical Chronology will be held on May 4-7, 2022 in Vienna.

Egyptian chronology is largely a royal chronology, but, often enough, data is insufficient and additional sources of information are required. Genealogies of royalty and commoners, succession lines of officials, and prosopographic networks are a welcome supplementary source which by far is unexhausted for reasons of chronology. However, evaluating and interpreting this kind of data faces a broad variety of difficulties and intricacies. Above all, it is important to define what ways of expression and types of presentation the Egyptians applied and what specific genealogical and prosopographic information we actually can find. Only then will it be possible to estimate how and what this kind of data can contribute to research on historical chronology.


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Annik Wüthrich
Roman Gundacker