21 February 2022 Start
21 February 2022 End
7:30 pm (EET) Time
Cyprus Archaeological Research Unit /UCY, (online lecture)

The cult statue rendered on a Mycenaean krater from Cyprus

21 February 2022

The cult statue rendered on a Mycenaean krater from Cyprus is the topic of the lecture by Prof. Robert Β. Koehl | Emeritus Professor of Archaeology (Department of Classical and Oriental Studies, Hunter College, City University of New York, New York, NY, USA).

In the lecture, Prof. Koehl will examine an enigmatic human figure depicted on a Pictorial Style crater with chariot scenes, which is now housed at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Associating its imagery with a similar example from Ugarit, he will argue on identifying the figure as a cult statue; then he will discuss the use of cult statues in the Mycenaean world but also the reception of vases depicting such scenes by the Cypriots of that era.

The lecture is part of the University of Cyprus Archaeological Research Unit 57th Public Lecture Series (Spring Semester 2022). This semester’s Public Lectures are held virtually only via ZOOM (without physical presence at the ARU) at 7:30 pm (EET).

All Monday lectures are free and open to the public, but registration is required for access to the ZOOM lecture.

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