24 March 2018 Start
24 March 2018 End
UK UCL Institute of Archaeology (room 612),

Who do you think you are? Ethnicity in the Iron Age central Mediterranean

Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Culture and identity are amongst the most controversial topics in Archaeology. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the archaeological record is strongly biased not only by differential preservation but also by current archaeological practice, which is increasingly driven by development needs rather than research questions. Moreover, the recent involvement of genetic studies further complicates the problem as it raises questions about the biological identification of peoples.

The Central Mediterranean basin provides a wide range of interaction case-studies that offer the possibility to challenge traditional approaches. Contributors will focus on Italy and surrounding areas such as southern France and Corsica, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Malta. Our aim is to trigger a debate that stimulates the adoption of new perspectives through a multidisciplinary approach, to create a dialogue between experts of different disciplines and to tackle ethnicity from different points of view.

All invited to the workshop “Who do you think you are? Ethnicity in the Iron Age central Mediterranean”, which will take place on Saturday 24th March at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (room 612).

The programme of the day and the abstracts can be found here: