20 December 2016 Start
21 December 2016 End
Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Main Library, Auditorium hall, 21526 El Chatby, Alexandria


Writing Systems: Reflections on the Role of Hieroglyphics as a Writing System in Ancient Cultures

Tuesday, 20th of December 2016

The Writing and Scripts Center in Bibliotheca Alexandrina is organizing an International Seminar on “Writing Systems: Reflections on the Role of Hieroglyphics as a Writing System in Ancient Cultures”.

Τhe event is open for public.

The Opening session will start at 11:00 AM. This will be followed by presenting the  Documentary Film “Journey of Writing in Egypt” that is produced by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This film had been displayed in the International Festival of Archaeological-Rovereto-Italy, October 2015. It aims to reflect the various writings that appeared on the land of Egypt from the early history till the present day. It relates the history of appearance and disappearance of those writings.

After that, Five lectures will be given by eminent researchers in the field of ancient Hieroglyphics’ writing systems, chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, Professor of Greek and Roman History, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. The seminar ends with a closing session at 3:00 PM.

The lecturers are:
Prof. Dr. Roberto B. Gozzoli,  Mahidol University: Egyptian Hieroglyphs as God’s Language in the Kingdom of Kush: Tradition and Innovation

Prof. Dr. Patricia A. Butz,  Savannah College: Points of Intersection: Hieroglyphic Scripts of the Aegean Bronze Age, Egypt, and the Alphabet of Iron-Age Greece

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sherif Ali, Cairo University: Sinaitic Writing and Inscriptions: The Origin and Nature

Prof. Dr. Mark Van Stone, Southwestern College: It’s Complicated: Synthesizing Alphabetic and Hieroglyphic Writing

Dr. Ahmed Mansour, BA Calligraphy Center: The Writing Systems in Ancient Egyptian and Maya: Did the Mayan Learn writing from the ancient Egyptians?

The seminar will be accompanied on the next day, 21th of December with a workshop untitled: “Write with the Maya glyph”, which will take place at the BA Conference Center, VIP meeting room, from 10 AM -12 PM. Dr Mark Van Stone, the photographer and the expert in writing Maya glyph, will shed light on the aesthetics of the writing of ancient Maya civilization.

If interested in the workshop; kindly send a short biography to the following e-mail:
[email protected]<>