20 November 2017 Start
20 November 2017 End
6.30 p.m. Time
Greece Conference room of the NIA/EBSA, Makri 11, Athens


Lectures on Sissi and Thorikos

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Director of the EBSA and director of the Sissi excavations Prof. Dr Jan Driessen (UCLouvain), as well as Prof. Dr Roald Docter (UGent) director of the Thorikos excavations, will present the results of their last campaigns in Crete and Attika respectively.

Prof. Dr Jan Driessen (Director of the EBSA – Director of the Sissi Project): “The Central-Court Building at Minoan Sissi – New Excavations”

Prof. Dr Roald Docter (Ghent University – Director of the Thorikos Project): “Thorikos: results of the intra-site survey on the Velatouri Hill”

A reception will follow.