21 September 2016 Start
25 September 2016 End
Greece Heraklion, Crete

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12th International Congress of Cretan Studies

21-25 September 2016

The proceedings will be divided into three main sections which correspond to the three long periods of Cretan history: a) the Prehistoric and Ancient Greek period, b) the Byzantine and Medieval period, and c) the Modern period (up to the late 20th century).

The selected thematic axis for all three sections of the 12th International Congress of Cretan Studies shall be mobility. More specifically, the thematic of mobility addresses:

-The migration of people to, from and within Crete. Mobility therefore refers to geographic and spatial (peaceful or violent) human group mobility and the new realities it engendered.

-The flow of goods, services and practices in relation to paths, routes, journeys and the exchange of both tangible and intangible forms of culture.

-Social mobility and social and ideological transformations with reference to social change, stratification, and the configuration of the urban and rural areas. Changes in the social, institutional (civic, political and administrative), cultural and natural environment are also included, with the correlation and integration of these aspects into broader geopolitical and cultural contexts being considered preferable.