21 June 2013 Start
23 June 2013 End
Italy Sala Boccarini, Amelia, Umbria

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2013 Interdisciplinary Art Crime Conference

June 21-23, 2013

The Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) is pleased to announce its 5th annual interdisciplinary conference on Art Crime to be held June 21-23, 2013.

Providing an arena for intellectual and professional exchange, the annual Art Crime conference is integral to ARCA’s mission and serves as a forum which aims to facilitate a critical appraisal of the protection of art and heritage worldwide and a forum to highlight the work of important achievers in this field.

This interdisciplinary event brings together those who have an interest in the responsible stewardship of our collective cultural heritage. Past year’s presenters have discussed a variety of topics ranging from the display and sale of looted objects; strategies to combat the illicit trade in cultural property; current law enforcement investigations; and the problem of art fraud and forgery.

ARCA’s annual conference takes place in Umbria in the city of Amelia, the seat of ARCA’s Postgraduate Certificate Program. The two day event is held within Amelia’s Sala Boccarini inside the cloister which also houses the city’s Archaeological Museum.

During each year’s event, ARCA presents four awards to outstanding individuals for their service to cultural heritage protection and research.

The awards categories are: Art Policing and Recovery (Past winners: Vernon Rapley, 2009; Charlie Hill, 2010; Paolo Giorgio Ferri, 2011; Stuttgart Detective Ernst Schöller, 2012), Art Protection and Security (Past winners: Francesco Rutelli, 2009; Dick Drent, 2010; Lord Colin Renfrew, 2011; Karl von Habsburg and Dr. Joris Kila, Jointly – 2012), Eleanor and Anthony Vallombroso Award for Excellence in Art Crime Scholarship (Past winners: Norman Palmer, 2009; Larry Rothfield, 2010; Neil Brodie, 2011; Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino, Jointly – 2012), Lifetime Achievement in Defense of Art Award (Past winners: Carabinieri TPC collectively, 2009; Howard Spiegler, 2010; John Merryman, 2011; Dr. George H. O. Abungu, 2012).

For information on attending and or presenting at the 2013 conference please contact ARCA’s Conference Chair, Dr. Derek Fincham at: [email protected]