9 May 2014 Start
11 May 2014 End
9.20- 21.40 Time
Greece Byzantine and Christian Museum, Vasilissis Sofias 22 Ave., Athens


34th Symposium of Byzantine and Post-byzantine Archaeology and Art

9-11 May 2014

The 34th Symposium of Byzantine and Post-byzantine Archaeology and Art is to ba taken place this year in teh Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens. As a central theme of the conference has been announced “the birth, evolution and prospects of Byzantine archaeology and atr in Greece”, while the meeting is dedicated to the 100 years since the death of pioneering researcher George Lampakis and the Byzantine and Christian Museum’s inauguration.

Conference presentations cover architecture and art of all Byzantine sub-periods, minor atrs and the history of Byzantine archaeology in Greece. The participants will also have the opportunity for an overview of Byzantine the monuments discovered in Thessaloniki during the recent underground railway construction works, during a presentation courtesy of the 9th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

The Conference, organized by the Christian Archaeological Society (XAE), includes presentations in Greek and French.