15 December 2020 Start
15 December 2020 End
18:00 pm CET Time
Germany Freie Universität Berlin (online)


An Image As Perfect as the Ancestors

15 December 2020

‘An Image As Perfect as the Ancestors’: Functions of Private Temple Sculpture in the Late Period, is the title of the online lecture by Dr. Campbell Price (Curator of Egypt and Sudan, Manchester Museum), organized by the FSI Ägyptologie der Freien Universität Berlin.

‘An Image As Perfect as the Ancestors’…: Abstract

Non-royal sculpture of the Egyptian Late Period (c. 750-30 BCE) has frequently been assessed in terms of its aesthetic qualities and on the basis of the incidental biographical information contained in its inscriptions. This lecture assesses the materiality and presence of these statues in functioning temple spaces, and in terms of intended interactions with the living, the gods, and the dead. Particular attention is paid to the use of archaizing forms as a means to engage initiated passers-by.

About the lecture

The lecture is part of a virtual Christmas party. It will take place via Webex and it is open to all. To attend, please note the following:

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