11 October 2012 Start
13 October 2012 End
Denmark Faculty of Humanities (building 27, auditorium 9), University of Copenhagen, Njalsgade, Copenhagen

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Associations and religion in the post-classical polis

11th-13th October 2012

Associations in Context: rethinking associations and religion in the post-classical polis

International symposium, Copenhagen Associations Project

The importance of religion for understanding ancient associations has long been recognised, and many monographs have focused specifically on cult or religious associations. The aim of this symposium is to go beyond so-called religious associations and assess more generally the role of religion in ancient associative life (with a focus on the eastern part of the Mediterranean, from ca. 300 BC to ca. AD 300). Cultic activities, and other religious aspects, such as theophoric names, seem to have been a central concern to private associations of many different kinds. The term ‘religious association’ is regularly used in scholarship, but its use and applicability need to be critically re-assessed. In an attempt to gain a more nuanced approach and a better understanding regarding the formation, organization and aims of ancient associations, this conference moves beyond the confines of religion. In a series of twenty papers on a variety of themes and locations, we shall reconsider the ways in which associations defined themselves, and examine their behaviour and interactions within the social, cultural, and sacred landscape of Hellenistic and Roman poleis.

Organizers: Dr. Annelies Cazemier & Dr. Stella Skaltsa


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