18 May 2019 Start
18 May 2019 End
UK Newcastle, The Great North Museum


BES Spring Meeting in Newcastle

Saturday, May 18, 2019

This year’s Spring Meeting of the British Epigraphy Society will be held on 18 May in Newcastle, in conjunction with the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University and the Great North Museum, on the theme of ‘Epigraphy and Frontiers’.

The Meeting is organised by Dr Simon Corcoran of Newcastle University; speakers include Franco Luciani, Anne Elizabeth Redgate and Sam Turner (all Newcastle), Roger Tomlin (Oxford), Claire Millington (KCL), Ted Kaizer (Durham), and John Davies (Liverpool). Participants will be able to enjoy a tour of the epigraphic display in the GNM led by Roger Tomlin!

Thanks to the generosity of Newcastle University and the Great North Museum, the meeting is free of charge for all participants – however, registration is essential! Anyone wishing to attend is asked to register formally:

Students and post-docs may want to consider applying for a bursary to help with the financial cost of attending the meeting:


10.00: Registration and coffee (provided)

10.30: Franco Luciani (Newcastle): “On the margins of civic territories in Roman Italy: defining, shifting and locating boundaries”

11.15: Sam Turner (Newcastle): “Early medieval frontiers”

12.00: Roger Tomlin (Oxford): “Recent finds of tablets from Vindolanda”

12.45-14.00: LUNCH (not provided)

14.00: Tour of GNM inscriptions led by Roger Tomlin

15.15: Claire Millington (KCL): “The epigraphy of fort praetoria”

16.00: Ted Kaizer (Durham): “The epigraphy of Dura-Europos”

16.45: Anne Elizabeth Redgate (Newcastle): “Epigraphy in tenth- and eleventh-century Armenia: inscriptions as bridges and boundaries”

17.30: John Davies (Liverpool): Short report – “The Forest of Steles at Xi’an”

18.00: Drinks & Poster session in the School of History, Classics & Archaeology (Armstrong Building 2.49)

19.30: Dinner at a venue to be confirmed (aux frais des participants)