14 November 2020 Start
14 November 2020 End
14.30 - 18.00 (UK time) Time
UK Online / Zoom

e-mail.: [email protected]

British Epigraphy Society 2020 Autumn Colloquium


The British Epigraphy Society is hosting its 2020 Autumn Colloquium, entitled ‘An epigraphic gazetteer’.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the BES Autumn Colloquium 2020, as well as the Society’s Autumn General Meeting, will take place in a digital forum. Anyone wishing to attend is asked to let the Secretary know by 13 November, 12 noon, at the latest.

The meeting is free of charge and will be held via zoom. Please note that to enable lively exchange, the number of participants is limited to 50.

Anyone registered for the colloquium will receive the zoom-invitation link in the morning of 14 November, by e-mail.

British Epigraphy Society Lectures 2020

Prof. Jonathan Prag (Oxford): ‘I.Sicily and Crossreads: a progress report’
Prof. Polly Low (Durham): ‘The Attic Inscriptions in the UK Project’
Prof. Michael Crawford (UCL): ‘A new fragment of the Clusium statute’
Prof. Silvia Orlandi (La Sapienza), ‘Italia Epigrafica Digitale: how to report a digital work in the administration world’
Prof. Edward Harris (Durham): ‘New publications in Greek epigraphy’
Dr. Alex Mullen (Nottingham): ‘News from LatinNow’
Dr. Andrew Burnett (BM): ‘Geta-cum-Commodus’
Laura Löser (Oxford): ‘Messina Mystery: a cryptic inscription from Sicily’
Dr. Simon Corcoran (Newcastle): ‘William of Malmesbury’s knowledge of inscriptions’
Prof. Charlotte Roueché (KCL): ‘IRCyr’

For a detailed version of the program, click here.