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17 November 2014 End
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Canonical Text Services

Tuesday, November 17, 2014

Professor Gerhard Heyer, one of the world’s foremost exponents of computer-science applications in the humanities, will give a talk on the subject of “Canonical Text Services”.

The talk will address Canonical Text Services (CTS) protocol ( and how this can be used for citation analysis. Basically CTS is a way of enabling citation of online documents analogous to how scholars cite traditional sources – i.e. by primary source author and name of publication, and the edition being used. But one difference with CTS is that it enables the citation to be made in a variety of ways, including the traditional “book, chapter, verse”, etc., down to a single paragraph or even a single word in the text.

For the last decade, Professor Heyer has been involved in a number of collaborative projects with classicists (, and he is currently working with Greg Crane on the Leipzig Open Philology project (

Gerhard Heyer studied Mathematical Logic and Philosophy at Cambridge (Christ’s College), and was awarded a PhD in General Linguistics from the University of the Ruhr. Since 1994, Gerhard Heyer has held the chair on Automatic Language Processing at the computer science department of the University of Leipzig. His field of research is focussed on automatic semantic processing of natural language text with applications in the area of information retrieval and search as well as knowledge management.

All are welcome, but places are limited. Please email Mai ([email protected]) if you are interested in attending.