27 March 2024 Start
27 March 2024 End
18.00 Time
Greece The Netherlands Institute at Athens, Makri 11, 11742 Athens

Cross-craft interaction under the microscope

March 27, 2024

The Netherlands Institute at Athens, in collaboration with the Royal Museums of Art and History Brussels, The National Archaeological Museum Athens, The Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, The École française d’Athènes and The University College Roosevelt (NL) are very pleased to announce two more events in our Lecture series and Discussion Forum TEXNH: Making, creating, and agency networks in the Ancient Mediterranean world.

“Cross-craft interaction under the microscope”  by Dr. Carlotta Gardner, Fitch 2024 Research and Outreach Officer | British School at Athens


The investigation of archaeological materials through scientific analysis offers a powerful
pathway for advancing our understanding of production technology and craftspeople in the past. By integrating this approach with theoretical frameworks, particularly those focused on cross-craft interaction, our comprehension of human actions and choices is significantly strengthened. In this paper, I will use two distinct case studies to explore the wealth of information this combination can provide.

Our first case study will take us to Roman-period Britain, where we will explore the interactions and cross-craft dependencies between metalworkers and potters and what this can potentially tell us about socio-economic factors at this time in Britain. Secondly, we will move to Classical Corinth where loom-weights will be used to explore interactions between potters and textile workers and what this mean for our interpretation of the organisation of pottery and textile production at Corinth during this period.

Finally, this paper will address the challenges posed by traditional pedagogy and specialisation within the field of archaeology, and propose strategies to overcome these, fostering a more dynamic and comprehensive approach to the study of archaeological materials.

The event will also be streamed live. For registration please visit: