27 May 2014 Start
29 May 2014 End
8.30 Time
Greece Archaeological Society, Panepistimiou 22, Athens


Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context

27-29 May, 2014

The Archaeological Society at Athens and the University of Cambridge are organizing an international conference entitled “Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context”


-Tuesday, 27 May

8.30: Registration

9.00: Opening

9.30: Introductory paper: Colin Renfrew, “Early Cycladic sculpture: issues of provenance, terminology and classification”

Session 1: Origines: The Neolithic settlements

10.00: Colin Renfrew, “The sculptures of Neolithic Saliagos”

10.20: Adamantios Sampson & Vagia Mastroyiannopoulou, “Figurines from the late Neolithic settlement of Ftelia, Mykonos”

10.40: Christina Televantou, “Figurines from Strofilas, Andros”

11.00: Discussion. Coffee break

Session 2: The early phase

12.00: Christos Doumas, “Figurines from Akrotiri, Naxos and Plastiras, Paros”

12.20: Jörg Rambach, “Schematic marble figurines from secure Early Cycladic I grave contexts on the islands of Ano Kouphonisi, Antiparos, Dhespotiko, Naxos, Paros and Siphnos”

12.40: Dora Papangelopoulou, “A schematic figurine of shell from Mersinia on Kythnos”

13.00: Discussion. Lunch break

Session 3: The Early Cycladic II and III settlements

15.30: Stella Katsarou & Demetrius U. Schilardi, “Recontextualized Neolithic and Early Cycladic figurines at the acropolis of Koukounaries, Paros”

15.50: David Wilson, “The Cycladic marble figurines from EB II Ayia Irini, Kea: evidence for ritual deposition in domestic contexts”

16.10: Peggy Pantou, “Fragment of an Early Cycladic figurine from the prehistoric settlement at Plakalona on Seriphos”

16.30: Zosi D. Papadopoulou: “Sculptures from Akrotiraki, Siphnos and its cemetery”

16.50: Discussion

17.20: Marisa Marthari, “Cycladic figurines in settlements: the case of the major EC II settlement at Skarkos on Ios and the schematic figurines”

17.40: Colin Renfrew, “The figurines from the settlement at Dhaskalio”

18.00: Olga Philaniotou, “Figurines from the Tsavaris plot at Potamia on Ano Kouphonisi”

18.20: Discussion

18.50: Reception

-Wednesday 28 May

Session 4: The Early Cycladic II and III cemeteries

9.00: Christos Doumas & Vassilis Lambrinoudakis, “The cemetery at Aplomata, Naxos”

9.20: Irini Legaki, “Sculptures from Phiondas, Naxos”

9.40: Christos Doumas, “Sculptures from Aghioi Anargyroi and Avdeli, Naxos”

10.00: Olga Philaniotou, “Sculptures from Tsikniades, Naxos”

10.20: Discussion. Coffee break

11.30: Giorgos Gavalas, “The marble figurines from sites on Epano and Kato Kouphonisi”

11.50: Marisa Marthari, “Figurines in context at the Chalandriani cemetery on Syros”

12.10: Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki, “The Early Cycladic figurines from the excavations of Clon Stephanos on Syros and a note on his work on Naxos: towards context”

12.30: Discussion. Lunch break

Session 5: The sanctuary (the special deposits) at Kavos, Keros

15.30: Photeini Zapheiropoulou, “The complete canonical sculpture of Spedos variety from the Special Deposit North at Kavos on Keros”

15.50: Peggy Sotirakopoulou, Colin Renfrew & Michael J. Boyd, “Selected sculptural fragments from the Special Deposit North at Kavos on Keros”

16.10: Colin Renfrew, “The figurine fragments recovered from the Special Deposit North at Kavos in 1987”

16.30: Giorgos Gavalas, “The stone vessels found in the Special Deposit North at Kavos in 1987”

16.50: Discussion

17.30: Colin Renfrew & Michael Boyd, “Selected sculptural fragments from the Special Deposit South at Kavos on Keros”

17.50: Judit Haas-Lebegyev, “Marble and other spools from the excavations at Dhaskalio and the Special Deposit South at Kavos, Keros (2006-2008) and related Cycladic finds”

18.10: Discussion

-Thursday 29 May

Session 6: Sites with continuing occupation to the later Bronze Age

9.00: Carol R. Hershenson & John C. Overbeck, “Early Cycladic figurines in later contexts at Aghia Irini, Kea”

9.20: Colin Renfrew & Michael Boyd, “The marble sculptures from Phylakopi on Melos”

9.40: Christos Doumas, “Early Cycladic sculptures from the settlement at Akrotiri, Thera”

10.00: Robin Barber, “Terracotta figurines from Mikre Vigla, Naxos”

10.20: Discussion. Coffee break

Session 7: Material, technique and manufacture

11.20: Dimitris Tambakopoulos & Yannis Maniatis, “The marble of the Cyclades and its use in the early Βronze Αge”

11.40: Yannis Papadatos & Epaminondas Venieris, “An experimental approach to the manufacture of Cycladic figurines: preliminary observations”

12.00: Kiki Birtacha, “Examining the paint on Cycladic figurines”

12.20: Discussion

12.40: General discussion

13.30: Close.