13 August 2013 Start
13 August 2013 End
6.30 pm Time
Australia Boardroom of CCANESA, Madsen Building (F09) University of Sydney


Healing, Punishment and the Ancient Concept of God

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A lecture by Angelos Chaniotis on «Hope, Fear, and Gratitude in Ancient Sanctuaries: Healing and Punishment and the Ancient Concept of God» will be given in Sydney, Australia.

Both texts (healing miracles, confessions of sins) and images (votives with representations of diseased organs, representations of the punishment of sinners) that were displayed in ancient sanctuaries in Greece and Asia Minor are an important source of information for understanding ancient religious experiences. The joint examination of texts and images shows that the perception of disease as divine punishment and of healing as the result of a successful communication between man and god was of fundamental importance for the conception of divine power. Set up in sanctuaries, texts and images aimed at arousing among pilgrims and worshippers three emotions that determine the relationship between humans and gods in the Greek world: fear (of divine wrath), hope (of divine protection), and gratitude (for divine assistance).

Entrance is free but booking is required. Please follow the attached website and book your seat.