20 September 2023 Start
20 September 2023 End
Online conference

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Herodotean Encounters Through Antiquity and Beyond

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

International PRIN 2017 Colloquium Classical Receptions in Early Modern English Drama

20 September 2023 (online)

Organised by

Silvia Bigliazzi, Francesco Dall’Olio, Marco Duranti and Emanuel Stelzer


Carlo Maria Bajetta, Jordan Bayley, Silvia Bigliazzi, Francesco Dall’Olio, Marco Duranti, Anthony Ellis, Valentina Gritti, Jane Grogan, Chloë Huston, Sotera Fornaro, Carla Suthren, Emanuel Stelzer, Elisabeth Schwab, Joseph Skinner, Gherardo Ugolini, Riccardo Vattuone

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Programme and Abstracts: