25 July 2015 Start
26 July 2015 End
Greece Karanou, Chania / Crete


Over a Hot Stove: Women in the Kitchen

Saturday, July 25 - Sunday, July 26, 2015

The 3rd Symposium of Greek Gastronomy will take place in Karanou, Chania, Greece. Its title is “Over a Hot Stove: Women in the Kitchen”.

It is organized under the auspices οf the Historical, Folklore & Archaeological Society of Crete and kindly supported by the Karanou Cultural Association “Riza” and the people of Karanou.


Saturday, July 25

8:30 Registration

9.30 Welcome messages and a few words about  dinner

Session I  

Ancient women: cooks and healers

Chair: Stavroula Markoulaki, Ph.D Αrchaeologist

10:00 Amazons, the “different” women: what did they cook, eat and why?
Kleanthi (Cleo) Pateraki, Dr., Archaeologist.

10:20 Women as extraordinary cooks in Ancient Greek literature.
Alexandra Neagu, Dr., Independent Scholar /Teacher

10:40 Skorodon (Garlic) – food and medicine! … The “fertility Test” of Hippocrates, known and applied today by the “Greeks” who live in the Himalayas !!
Vassileios Tritakis, Doctor

11:00 “Agnos” the sacred plant of the goddess Hera. Today (after 3000 years) in Phytotherapy: given as medicine to the serious and responsible wise woman approaching or going through menopause … for hormone regulation!!
Vassileios  Tritakis,  Doctor

11:40 – 11:55 Questions and answers

11:55 Poster presentation

Paphian culinary traditions in Late Hellenistic period.
Kamila Nocoń, Ph.D Candidate, Archaeologist

12:10  Coffee / Mountain Tea  Break

Session II

Gender, class and cooking

Chair: Anayia Sarpaki, Dr. Archaeologist / Archaeobotanist

12:40 Τhe sex of the men in the palace kitchen.
M. Esat Harmanci, Prof., Turkish Language and Literature, Kocaeli University, Department of Classical Turkish Literature

13:00 Cooking struggles in Cretan Folktales: Undermining patriarchy & forging solidarity among women.
Irene Sotiropoulou, Ph.D   Economics.

13:20 Dining rooms and food preparation areas in Athenian houses of 19th and 20th century: Class representation and social symbolism.
Maria Leni, Archaeologist, Directorate of Protection and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Monuments

13:40 Questions and answers

Lunch on your own

Session III

Μemories and culinary traditions

Chair: John Bass, Dr., Anthropologist

18:00 In her Kitchen: sharing memories from grandmothers around the world.
Thei Zervaki, Writer, blogger

18:20 The role of culinary traditions to reconstruct a lost identity and keep a family together…
Ipek Οzel, Lecturer, Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Communications.

18:40 Questions and answers

Session IV

Cooking, art, poetry.

Chair: Eugenia Galifiannakis, Artist.

18:50 Women in culinary poetry: studying The Hungry Ear.
Thei Zervaki,  Writer, blogger

19:10 Questions & Answers

19:20 Edible Tales / Video art.
Katerina Fanouraki, Artist /Performer
Introduction: Mariana Kavroulaki

19: 45 The Meal. A performance-archaeology work
Thanasis Deligiannis, Composer / Performer & Efthimis Theou, Actor / Archaeologist
Introduction: Efthimis Theou

20:30 Conclusions of 2015 Symposium

21:00 Dinner  for Registered Guests. The people of  Karanou will bring food and recipes to share.


Sunday, July 26

9:30 Attend the feast of Saint Paraskevi who  is the patron saint for eye health. The feast combines religious elements with more secular themes as after the liturgy, enjoyable food and drinking.

18:00 Experimental ancient cooking and  baking.

Hot-rock cooking, Cooking in replicas of ancient pots, Baking in replica of ancient oven.

21:00 Dinner for Registered Guests