28 June 2021 Start
6 August 2021 End
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Intensive courses in Ancient Greek and Latin

28 June 2021 – 6 August, 2021

Intensive courses in Ancient Greek and Latin at King’s College London Summer School.

This year King’s College London is again running two 6-week courses (28 June – 6 August 2021) in Ancient Greek and Latin as part of the KCL Summer School.  These courses offer students who have not previously had the opportunity to study Greek or Latin intensive training designed to bring them from complete beginners to a point where they are able to read simple texts.  They are ideal for students who intend to study for a Masters’s or Doctoral degree to get ahead during the summer, thus acquiring an essential skill for their future research. They are also appropriate for teachers, undergraduates, mature students, and anyone with an interest in the Hellenic or Roman world. 

 This year, the courses will be online only.  

 It is also possible for complete beginners to take just the first half of the course (28 June – 16 July), and for those who already have the basic knowledge to take the second half of the course (19 July – 6 August). The cost for each three-week course is £840. 

 For further information and to apply, please see the King’s College London Summer School website and the Classics Department website (follow the middle tab: King’s Ancient Languages Summer School).