21 March 2019 Start
23 March 2019 End
Italy Istituto archeologico germanico, Rome & Istituto Svizzero di Roma

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Italy in the 5th Century

March 21-23, 2019

The programme for the conference on Italy in the Fifth Century – Social, Political and Economic Transformations in a Society under Stress, 395-493 CE is now available.

The conference will be held from March 21 to 23 2019 at the Istituto Archeologico Germanico di Roma and the Istituto Svizzero di Roma. There is no conference fee. Those who are interested in attending are kindly advised to contact Sarah Bühler ([email protected]).

Thursday, 21st March

Venue: Istituto archeologico germanico, Rome

Chair: Tanja Itgenshorst (Fribourg)

09.30-10.00 Welcome& Introduction

10.00-10.45 Imperial Elites (Sarah Bühler, Tübingen)

10.45-11-00 Coffee Break

11.00-11.45 Municipal Elites (Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner, Tübingen)

11.45-12.30 Fiscality and Elite Formation (John Weisweiler, Cambridge)

12.30-14.00 – Lunch Break

Chair: Rita Lizzi (Perugia)

14.00-14-45 Warfare and Violence (Jeroen Wijnendaele, Ghent)

14.45-15.30 Portraits and Elite Representation (Carlos Machado, St. Andrews)

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break

16.00-16.45 Economic Trajectories and Commerce: A Survey (Paolo Tedesco, Tübingen)

16.45-17.30 Poetry under Stress. Paulinus of Nola between Violence and Peace in the Early 5th C. (Robert Kirstein, Tübingen)

17.30-18.15 Spiritual Developments (Kristina Sessa, Ohio State University)

18.15-18:30 Coffee Break

18.30 – Evening lecture

Simony and the State in the Fifth Century Church (Michele-Renee Salzman, UC Riverside)

19.45 – Reception

Friday, 22nd March

Venue: Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Chair: Marco Maiuro (Rome, La Sapienza)

09.30-10.15 Aemilia (Claudio Negrelli, Venezia)

10.15-11.00 Tuscia Annonaria and Suburbicaria (Federico Cantini, Pisa)

11.00-11.15 Coffee Break

11.15-12.00 Umbria, Flaminia and Picenum (Fabrizio Oppedisano, Pisa)

12.00-12.45 Latium and the Roman Suburbium (Cristina Murer, Bern)

12.45-14.15 – Lunch Break

Chair: Arnaldo Marcone (Roma Tre)

14.15-15.00 Campania (Eliodoro Savino, Naples)

15.00-15.45 Lucania and Bruttium (Battista Sangineto, University of Calabria)

15.45-16.15 Coffee Break

16.15-17.00 Corsica and Sardegna (Pier Giorgio Spanu, Sassari)

17.00-17.45 Settlement Patterns in the Sicilian Countryside (Angelo Castrorao Barba, CSIC, LAAC/EEA Granada)

17.45-18.30 Apulia and Calabria (Giuliano Volpe/Roberto Goffredo, Foggia)

20.00 Uhr Dinner

Saturday, 23rd March

Venue: Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Chair: Domenico Vera (Parma)

09.00-09.45 Peasants and Agriculture (Kim Bowes, UPenn)

09.45-10.30 Venetia and Histria (Alexandra Chavarría Arnau, Padova)

10.30-10.45 Coffee Break

10.45-11.30 Coin Circulation (Flavia Marani, Pisa)

11.30-12.15 Italy and the East (Umberto Roberto, Rome)

12.15-13.00 Cities (Neil Christie, Leicester)

13.00-13.30 Conclusions (Stefan Rebenich, Bern)




Sarah Bühler (Tübingen), Stefan Rebenich (Bern), Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner (Tübingen), John Weisweiler (University of Cambridge)

Generous Support by:

Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 923 “Threatened Order – Societies under Stress”, University of Tuebingen

DFG – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

SNF – Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung

Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Istituto Archeologico Germanico di Roma