16 October 2019 Start
16 October 2019 End
7.00 pm Time
Greece Norwegian Institute at Athens, Tsami Karatasou 5, 5th floor, Athens


Launch of the new online version of DAMOS

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Federico Aurora, University of Oslo Library, will present a talk titled

Launch of the new online version of DAMOS, Database of Mycenaean at Oslo


DAMOS, Database of Mycenaean at Oslo, is a database containing all published Mycenaean texts in transcribed form, based on current standard editions, but updated with any new published joins, readings and findings. Its first aim is thus to offer an online, freely accessible and constantly updated version of the Linear B texts. DAMOS is, further, also a tool for the philological and linguistic analysis of the Mycenaean documents and to this end the texts are provided with detailed epigraphic and linguistic annotation (morphological, syntactic and lexical) and a rich set of metadata.

The first online version of DAMOS ( was launched in 2013 and allows text-browsing and word searches through the entire corpus or a chosen sub-corpus. Links to other web resources containing pictures of the documents are also provided. The new online version of the database, which will be presented in the talk, will offer much bigger search possibilities. A wider range of metadata (including, e.g., find-place, chronology, seal impression and museum inventory) can be used to define a sub-corpus for browsing or word-searches, and word-searches can now be specified for a broad variety of epigraphic features (e.g. uncertainty of reading or presence of restored characters). Finally, this new version of DAMOS also supports searches for co-occurrences of words.