11 November 2019 Start
14 November 2019 End
Greece National Hellenic Research Foundation (N.H.R.F), 48 Vas. Constantinou Avenue, 11635 Athens


Manufacturers and Markets

November 11-14, 2019

The Austrian Archaeological Institute presents the 4th IARPotHP Conference: “Manufacturers and markets: The contributions of Hellenistic pottery to economies large and small”.

The 4th conference of the International Association for Research on Pottery of the Hellenistic Period (IARPotHP) will be organized in Athens by the OeAI Research Group »Pottery Studies« in co-operation with the Institute for Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

The general topic of the event, “Manufacturers and Markets: The Contributions of Hellenistic Pottery to Economies Large and Small”, will be explored in all its facets through four sub-topics.

The programme of the conference.