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16 November 2020 Start
16 November 2020 End
19:30 (Cyprus time) Time
Cyprus Archaeological Research Unit /UCY, (online lecture)

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Minoans reimagined: From ancient images to multiple modern ‘lives’

16 November 2020

“Minoans reimagined: From ancient images to multiple modern lives’ ” is the topic of this Monday’s lecture by  Dr. Christine Morris (Trinity College Dublin). This is the 7th lecture of the University of Cyprus Archaeological Research Unit’s 54th Public Lecture Series and it is held via ZOOM.

Archaeological pasts are everywhere ‘usable’ and have cultural and economic capital. In the case of the Cretan, or Minoan, Bronze Age past, archaeological rediscovery coincided both with the development of modern European identities and with the emergence of new artistic movements. Aegean Bronze Age art and imagery were hailed as fresh and modern, provoking a fascination with all things Minoan as explored in an emerging scholarship of “Cretomania”. The Minoan past continues to be recreated, reimagined, and consumed up to the present day, each “reuse” having a specific context, a unique story, or biography.

“Minoans reimagined…” will explore these issues through some selected case studies of Minoans ‘made modern’, drawing on examples which range from commodification to reflective engagements with gendered and environmental issues.

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