21 March 2014 Start
10.30am- 3.30pm & 4.00pm-6.00pm Time
UK Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Classics, Oxford University 66 St Giles’, Oxford, OX1 3LU

e-mail.: [email protected].

OCTOPUS Workshops in Phoenician and Punic Studies

21 March 2014

The Oxford Centre for Phoenician and Punic Studies (Octopus) is hosting two workshops, namely the UK Punic Network annual graduate work-in-progress seminar and the workshop on the occasion of a new publication on ‘The Tophet in the Phoenician Mediterranean’.

10.00-3.30 UK Punic Network Graduate Workshop V

– 10.30-11.45 Session I

Sienna Kang (Stanford, Patterns of State Formation in the Early Iron Age Levant

Carlos Cabrera Tejedor (Oxford), Marrazon I: an Iron Age shipwreck from Spain

– 11.45-12.00 Coffee

– 12.00-1.00 Short Research Presentations

Colin Ash (Calgary): Hannibal’s impact on Italy

Jane Ainsworth (Leicester): Herakles in the Roman Empire

Karl Cachia (Malta): Phoenician Mortuary Practice in the Early Days of Western Expansion

Andrea Perugini (Gent): The Pottery from Uzita

Laurens Jansen (Bristol): Phoenician colonization of the Central Western Mediterranean

– 1.00-2.00 Lunch

– 2.00-3.15 Session II

Gabriella Sciortino (Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona|), Phoenicians and Greeks in Archaic Sicily

Johannes Gilhaus (Bochum), The Necropolis of Monte Luna in the region of Trexenta (Sardinia)

– 3.30-4.00 Tea

4.00-6.00, The Tophet and Infant Sacrifice in the Phoenician Mediterranean (Rome-Oxford workshop)

The publication of a new collection of essays on the tophet offers an opportunity to move beyond the old question of whether the Carthaginians sacrificed their children to new ideas, problems, debates and discussion. The discussion will include interventions from: Paolo Xella (ISMA, Rome), Nicholas Purcell (Oxford), Brien Garnand (Harvard/Gent), Scott Scullion (Oxford), Valentina Melchiorri (Tübingen), Jo Quinn (Oxford), Adriano Orsingher (Rome/Oxford) and Wilfred Watson (Durham).

– 6.00-7.00 Launch Party for The Tophet in the Phoenician Mediterranean

RSVP by 12pm on March 7 , 2014 through email.