15 November 2013 Start
17 November 2013 End
Australia Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney Manning Rd Camperdown 2006, Sydney

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e-mail.: [email protected]

Parthenon, an Icon of Global Citizenship

November 15-17, 2013

Created over 2000 years ago, by the same people that introduced the concept of Democracy to humanity, the Parthenon immediately became an icon of global citizenship. Its influence continues in modern times as we see attempts to replicate its stature in famous buildings around the world. The temple of Athena has become a symbol of Eternal Perfection arising out of the marriage of Aesthetics and Science.

The second International Colloquy “Parthenon, an Icon of Global Citizenhsip” will take place at the University of Sydney on 15 to 17th November. Participate to an open discussion about the current significance of the Parthenon as an Icon of Global Citizenship.

Preliminary Program