11 December 2023 Start
11 December 2023 End
9:30- circa 17:00 Time
UK Department of Archaeology, Durham University, Dawson Building, Lecture Room D110


Recording Roman Culture

Monday, December 11, 2023

Recording Roman Culture: Paradigms of recording, curating and interpreting archaeological artefacts and heritage frameworks

Sponsored by The Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East, Durham University

This one-day workshop brings together scholars and professionals in the field of material culture studies in the UK to share knowledge about current approaches to artefacts and small finds as a particular facet of material culture, with a focus on the Roman world. Aspects for consideration include

-methods of recording and data capture on and/or off site

-best-practice in small finds reports

-site and museological cataloguing conventions in the 21st century

-current thinking on displaying, presenting and engaging people with small finds

-methods of analysis and theoretical angles employed in interpretation

-ethical frameworks impacting all of the above

This is a primarily in-person event, with capacity limited to 40 people.

Refreshments and lunch will be served. Please register here, notifying us of any dietary requirements and access needs:

If you cannot attend in person due to disability or duties which mean you cannot come to campus, and you wish to audit online, please sign up here to register your interest:

Confirmed speakers

-James Gerrard, Newcastle, Old Collections, new discoveries: interpreting antiquarian discoveries in a digital age

-Handegül Canlı, Kahramanmaraş and Durham, Tracing Cilicia’s shine: exploring metal finds at the ancient city of Diocaesarea (Uzuncaburç)

-Alison Pollard, Oxford, Similar but different: interpreting objects of local production at Binchester Roman fort

-Michael Lewis, PAS, British Museum, Reporting to recording: opportunities provided by digital technology and citizen science in the processing of public finds

-Antony Lee, Treasure Trove Unit, National Museums of Scotland, Finds from the far north: Roman objects and Scottish Treasure Trove

-Gemma Lewis, Durham Museums, Unlocking knowledge: decoding and interpretating the Lanchester Diploma for visitor and school engagement with the Museum of Archaeology

-Daniël Paul van Helden (remote), Leicester, Photographing for future technology. The development of the Arch-I-Scan data gathering procedure

-Rob Collins, Newcastle, Roman finds from the frontiers: an international perspective on how artefacts are catalogued, displayed, and interpreted

-Anna Leone, Durham, Machine learning and fighting illicit artefact trafficking (working title)

-Benjamin Westwood, PAS FLO Durham, Darlington and Teesside, PAS data & Regional Research Frameworks: finding a focus