11 April 2024 Start
11 April 2024 End
18.00 Time
Greece The Netherlands Institute in Athens, 11, Makri Str. 11742 Athens

Τηλ.: +30 210 9210760
e-mail.: [email protected]

Records and Religious Knowledge in ancient Greece

April 11, 2024

The symposium “Records and Religious Knowledge in ancient Greece” will be held at the Netherlands Institute in Athens on 11th of April 2024.

The symposium aims to explore how epigraphic documents organised, displayed and disseminated religious knowledge in the ancient Greek world. In the famously oral world of ancient Greek religion, writing was nonetheless everywhere. Growing interest in the materiality of inscriptions and their spatial dimensions has recently helped uncover the often complex way in which ancient audiences engaged with these objects, with symbolic, communicative and practical functions often overlapping. Yet how exactly all these texts dealing with religious matters related to religious knowledge remains unclear. How did inscriptions not only preserve and record knowledge about ritual, religious tradition and the divine, but also help to construct and create such knowledge? This symposium will investigate the use of writing for the construction of religious knowledge in ancient Greece, examining different kinds of ‘religious’ texts in their diverse settings.

You can find the programme of the meeting by clicking here

The keynote lecture of the Symposium “And may you, Phoibos, give a gracious return”: Writing and Piety in archaic Greece 

by Prof. Rosalind Thomas, Oxford University, UK, will take place at 18.00 at the NIA.