20 March 2019 Start
20 March 2019 End
4.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. Time
UK Newman University, Genners Lane, Bartley Green, Birmingham, B32 3NT

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Secrets of a best selling author

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Newman University Humanities Research Centre Annual Lecture Series presents Caroline Lawrence who will give a lecture on the “Secrets of a best selling author”.

Caroline Lawrence is an award-winning children’s author who learned to write fiction by listening to Hollywood script gurus like John Truby and Blake Snyder. In the past twenty years she has published over 35 books and sold over a million copies. Her “Roman Mysteries” series was televised by the BBC and her books are used in many primary schools. She often goes into schools to share her top tips for plotting stories, finding characters and creating a detailed world of adventure. By citing examples from movies and TV as well as books, she shows children who might not be great readers that they can still be writers.

In this family-friendly lecture Caroline will share some of her favourite tips to inspire you and Invigorate your own WIP (work in progress.) You may already be familiar with some of her favourite tropes, like The Hero’s Journey or Save the Cat!, but you probably don’t know the power of Ninja Description, Dr Frankenstein’s First Lines, Cliché First Aid or Writing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Caroline will be signing books from 4pm, with her talk taking place at 5-6pm.

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