20 April 2020 Start
20 April 2020 End

Stranger Things. Fantasy in Antiquity in Historiography and Reception

April 20, 2020

Ancient World usually appears in our sources as a world of fantasy. Myth, magic and prodigies are common in historical and scientifical accounts in ancient historians’ works. Despite the distance in the perception of reality and the cultural borders between us and ancient people, and even between beliefs and reason, this ancient fantasy surpasses the mind and words from the sources to the scholarly tradition, and we can also find explanations that include both fantasy and illusion in Modern Historiography about Antiquity.

In these stranger days of us, let us invite you to work and discuss this wide topic of fantasy and historiography, including Contemporary Reception of the Ancient World, with the aim of linking us with things that make us feel alive, as it is research.

Among many other possibilities, some topics can be:

– Fantasy and historical explanations in Ancient Sources.

– Fictional History in Ancient Historiography.

– Fantastic events and Modern Scholarship.

– Ancient Fantastic events in Modern Historians’ Works and explanations.

– Reception, Fantasy and the Ancient World.

As far as we are now confined, and our aim is to keep working, linked, safely enjoying life and research, we offer a very short time, to develop the Congress during the actual situation.

The Conference will be held through Zoom. More details will be offered when a final schedule and a definitive list of participants have been finished.


– Marc Mendoza (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

– Borja Antela-Bernárdez (Autonomous University of Barcelona)