14 June 2021 Start
14 June 2021 End
7.00 p.m. Time
zoom lecture

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The Hekatomnid Andrones at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Labraunda

Monday, June 14, 2021

Pontus Hellström, Uppsala University & Jesper Blid, Austrian Academy of Sciences will address the topic “The Hekatomnid Andrones at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Labraunda”. The lecture is organised by the Swedish Institute at Athens and  “THE CIRCLE, Dialogues for Greek and Roman Architecture”.


In the fourth century BC, the Hekatomnid satraps erected two monumental andrones at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Karian Labraunda in western Asia Minor. The andrones are unique in both their design and function; no excavated buildings from Classical Antiquity provide direct comparanda. This lecture will present these buildings and their architecture. More specifically, it will explore how features of the Ionic and Doric styles are combined into an innovative design, how the buildings simultaneously draw from Greek, Anatolian, and Persian traditions, and how the layout of the andrones, contrary to their Greek counterparts, points to a hierarchical arrangement of the banqueters. With these innovative features, the andrones are among the most interesting examples of the architectural experimentation characteristic of the Hekatomnid building programme at Labraunda.

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