12 November 2019 Start
12 November 2019 End
7.00 p.m. Time
Greece Archaeological Society at Athens, 22 Panepistimiou str., Athens

The Mycenaean citadel of Agios Andreas in Sifnos

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Dr Christina Α. Televantou, Director of the excavations at Strophilas, Andros and Agios Andreas, Sifnos, will present recent discoveries made at the Mycenaean citadel of Agios Andreas in Sifnos. The lecture is part of the Mycenaean Seminar series, organized by Marisa Marthari. at 7.00 p.m.

On Sifnos, on the hill of Agios Andreas, a strongly fortified citadel was established during the Mycenaean era. In 1898, the great Greek archaeologist Christos Tsountas conducted the first excavation there, which was continued in 1970 by the archaeologist Barbara Filppaki, who was born on Sifnos.

Recent excavations have revealed most of the Acropolis, as well as its complex Mycenaean defense system, one unique to the Aegean. From the data so far it appears that there was human activity at the site also at the end of the Neolithic/Early Bronze Age (end of 4th millennium BC). The abandonment of the Mycenaean Acropolis dates to the 11th century BC. The fortification wall was a very strong incentive for its re-occupation in historical times (second half of the 8th century BC).