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30 January 2024 End
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The other face of Roman imperialism. Women and peace

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

TRAC (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference) is pleased to advertise the next webinar talk in our 2023-2023 Webinar Series. The Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) is an academic organisation and conference which was designed to be an arena for open discussion of archaeological theory in Roman archaeology. The annual Autumn/Winter Webinar Series was established in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the cancellation of in-person conferences. TRAC and the Webinar Series are generously supported by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies.

On Tuesday January 30th 2024 at 5pm UK time, Carmen María Ruiz-Vivas (University of Granada, University of Bologna) will deliver a talk titled: “The other face of Roman imperialism: women and peace as key principles of the system”

The talk will take place over Zoom.


Peace and gender studies have pointed out the women’s role in maintaining and promoting spaces of peace. With regard to the roman context, concretely, to the studies of Roman imperialism, the link between violence and hegemonic masculinity has been emphasised. However, while various works have explored the diversity of issues related to women, gender and imperialism; the question of the relationship between women and peace has not been linked to the redefinition and diffusion of certain gender and sexual models during the Roman imperialism.

The aim of this paper focuses on the normative femininity and its construction based around values reproduction, caring and peace. The analysis of different sources, epigraphic and iconographic, and from a feminist and pacifist perspective, allows us to understand the diffusion and negotiation by the agents of these discourses of gender and sexuality in different parts of the empire. The following questions will be addressed: the importance of attributing peace roles to Roman imperialism; its implications for women’s subordination and control of their bodies; its meanings in each context-specific; and, above all, the constant complementarity between models of femininity and masculinity.

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