23 November 2020 Start
23 November 2020 End
19:30 Cyprus time Time
Cyprus Archaeological Research Unit /UCY, (online lecture)

Thera and the Aegean world in the Middle Bronze Age


Thera and the Aegean world in the Middle Bronze Age is the title of the Monday lecture by Dr. Irene Nikolakopoulou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture) for the University of Cyprus Archaeological Research Unit.

This is the 8th lecture of the Archaeological Research Unit’s 54th Public Lecture Series and it takes place via Zoom.

Thera and the Aegean world in the Middle Bronze Age, Summary

The study and recent publication of extensive Middle Bronze Age stratified layers from Akrotiri, Thera, significantly enhanced our knowledge of the history of the settlement and allowed for insights into the social practices of the community. An integrated approach to ceramic assemblages from distinct phases within the period sheds new light on a broad array of relevant research topics. The refined approach to chronology and material culture production and consumption in Middle Cycladic Akrotiri furthers the debate on issues of identity and interaction patterns in the Aegean, while it brings to center stage the nature of involvement of Crete with the Cyclades in the early Neopalatial period.


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Public Lecture Series moderator: Dr. Athanasios K. Vionis, Director of the Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus.

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