The Beşparmak Mountains, or Latmos, which lie along the border of the southwestern Aydın and Muğla provinces, should enter the UNESCO environment and culture list, according to German archaeologist Anneliese Peschlow.

The range includes one of the most unique rock paintings in the world and features the most important examples of drawings from the prehistoric era, said Anneliese Peschlow, who has been doing research in the area for many years, discovering a total of 172 rock paintings in the vicinity.

There is nowhere else like Latmos in terms of rock paintings, environment and cultural heritage, said Peschlow.

The Ecology System Protection and Environment Lovers’ Association has joined Peschlow in her call. Apart from its natural treasures, the mountains feature paintings that are 8,000 years old. “Some of the rock paintings, which are in Karakay village and the Kardere and Göktepe areas, as well as Karahayıt village, are preserved very well. The style in these paintings and drawings are unique,” she added.

Peschlow first applied to UNSECO 10 years ago in order to present the natural beauty of Latmos.

“Latmos should enter the list. The association is working to protect and promote Latmos,” she said.