The Graduate School of Ancient Philosophy at the Humboldt-University in Berlin has extended the deadline for three doctoral fellowships in ancient philosophy, to begin the coming summer semester (the fellowships begin February 1, teaching begins April 8).

The deadline is November 10.

The fellowships are for two years with expected renewal (assuming satisfactory progress) for a third, and involve participation in the Graduate School of Ancient Philosophy (its colloquia and seminars and so on) and in the Topoi Excellence Cluster (Area D).

Two fellowships belong to the research group D-3 “Theoretical concepts of space and spatial objects,” and the recipients should pursue original research projects on formal theories of spatial objects, with special attention to ancient philosophy.

For details and how to apply see

(Supervisor: Jonathan Beere; close cooperation with Karl-Georg Niebergall)


(Supervisor: Karl-Georg Niebergall; close cooperation with Jonathan Beere)

The third fellowship belongs to the Topoi research group D-4, “Immaterial Causes and Physical Space,” and here the candidate is expected to write a doctoral dissertation on some aspect of Aristotle’s Platonism and anti-Platonism.

For details and how to apply see

(Supervisor: Stephen Menn)

For a description of the program and of the research community see the websites of the Graduate School of Ancient Philosophy ( and of the Topoi Excellence Cluster (